Ellis Dee
Co-founder & Artistic Director. Ellis is so hot you'd swear you were hallucinating! A wild child of the 60s at heart, Ellis brings a playful & sexy vibe to burlesque!
Dahlia Longlegs
Dahlia Longlegs on the loose! Be on the lookout for:
1. Killer looks & Legs.
2. Tattoos & Legs.
3. Ferocious attitude & Legs.

Oh, and did we mention this bonafide badass has legs for days?
Kandi Sprinkles
Hailing from Russia, this bombshell obliterates hearts with her massive cannons.
Ginger Snap
Resident funny girl and tomboy, Ginger is the all-American girl next door!
Penni Rebel
See this Penni and pick her up, better behave, or you'll be out of luck.
Beef Strokemeoff
Ensuring you get your recommended filling of BEEF!
Our resident Emcee extraordinaire!
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